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Is there someone who can help me with some missing characters?

I have played the game many, many times through, but I still have four characters that are not unlocked. The first is the character between Mr. Everett and Olivia in the character list. The other three are on the row immeidately below, the row that concludes with Phoebe Ingram. I thought they were the children from the school, but I've met the children many times and the character list hasn't updated. It just shows ???

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The first is Charles Everett but I have not unlocked the three before Phoebe. I can't quite remember how I unlocked this character. I think it was when I was persuing Mr. Curtis at his country house or asking Mr. Everette about Olivia.
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Thank you! I thought at one point that I had unlocked all the characters, but that was on a different device that I no longer have. I had to reinstall the game on a new iPad and lost all my previous games. Maybe I need to play through the Mr. Curtis storyline a few different times.

I've reinstalled my game too, so my character list is quite blank unfortunately :/ I suspect from memory it is the children from the school but will update if I do uncover the blanks again!


I've always talked with the children at the school but if they are the missing characters, I'll have to play around with my answers to see what happens.

If it is the children from the school, I wonder why it hasn't updated. I'll try talking to the children more next storyline I play through and see what happens.


My missing three characters still have not shown up. I'm wondering if it's a glitch (if it is the children) or perhaps they are some of the redcoats we meet at the balls.

Mine haven't either. I'm not sure what's going on.

Hi everyone, we've discovered this is a bug (yes, the characters are supposed be the schoolchildren), and we will fix it in the next update. Sorry about this!


Thanks for letting us know!


How do you get Charles Everett?  I've done the Curtis playthrough and would rather not do it again, but I really hate having missing characters/achievements!

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