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Please help me land Mr Digby in the marriage stakes!

Can someone please help me?  I read somewhere on this Wikia that in order to marry my dear Mr Digby I would first have to turn down an offer of marriage from Mr Ashcroft or Mr Curtis.  Well, I have been all the way through the Mr Curtis story arc and firmly rejected the gentleman.  I then thought Mr Digby would come around ...but nothing!  

Have I got to go all the way through the Ashcroft scenario now in order to secure Mr Digby?  I'm scared of going through all the botheration with the Ashcroft siblings simply to get left high and dry on the shelf at the end of it!  Heeeelp!

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Okay, I've now been all through the Mr Ashcroft story arc too now, rejected him and been left high and dry on the shelf!  All my accomplishments are 100% and I have over 200 points in excess.  There are no options for me to go anywhere or do anything and yet I have not had an epilogue kick in and tell me my spinsterish fate?  I just seem to be stuck with no options in the game?  Can anyone advise?

It's probably because you still have options. You need to turn down EVERYONE. You need to alienate Mr Ashcroft, Mr Curtis, and Mr Graham too (if you have purchased the latter's storyline). It's not enough to just turn down one of them; you need to have offended or refused all of them in order for Mr Digby to show up. Hopefully that helps.

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