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• 9/22/2015

Mr Graham's path: Help I'm stuck!

Just purchased the Mr Graham's route and I have hit a wall and I cannot figure it out. I am trucking along quite nicely with adorable blushing-ness and flirty-ness and the like, but once i finish the scene at the park where they see Lord Sutton and Haughty McSnotty Skirts I hit a dead end... No more new scenes to do. I have started over from the top 3 times now after exhausting the remaining options. I have cut ties with all the other gentlemen's routes, completely crushed poor Digby (and making my character out to be a total jerk in the process), avoided all other routes as much as is possible... Any guidance anyone could give???

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• 9/26/2015

Hmmm...That's really odd. If Digby proposes, that already means that every other door has closed. Are you also caught up on acheivements and points? More options often open up after you spend your points on sewing, riding, reading, etc. 

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