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• 10/3/2015

No options!

I have levelled up all my skills to 100 and there are no more places to visit. I have not had any epilogues. Help!

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• 10/5/2015

Hey, this seems to be a common bug. This will seem like a drag but I've found the best option to be restarting the game and trying a different approach/order in the events you choose you pursue. You could save the game periodically so that you can go back and retry the game if one option seems to lead to the same situation. In the meantime, you can report the bug on the Regency Love bugs page (on their blog) and give as many details as you can remember from the options you chose. I've found the Graham path to be buggy but Ashcroft/Curtis/Digby/single paths seem to work well for me. Hope that helps!

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