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• 4/6/2016

The cutscenes.

I want to collect all the art/ paintings from the cutscenes, but I'm missing a few even though I played all three paths twice. Can anyone help?

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• 4/16/2016

Hey! Do you know which path the cutscenes belong to? They're most likely from Mr Graham as his path has about the same number of cutscenes as the other two suitors combined. Have you tried telling him that you like cake, flowers or ladybirds (whichever one you haven't tried yet)? I suspect each option will yield a different cutscene. Hope that helps! 

• 6/15/2016

I'm still missing one cutscenes in Graham's section...right at the end of the list, next to the close up of Graham smiling after he proposes...any ideas?

• 8/21/2016

I am missing the third cutscene from Mr. Curtis's route - in between the one of him by Mr. Mortimer and the one of him standing in front of the tree. Help!

• 8/22/2016
That one you get when you follow Curtis the first time he goes AWOL.
• 6/3/2018
Starting from Top Left:
(1) Enclosed envelope with a waxed red seal.
(2) Mr. Ashcroft with his horse Atlas riding in the forest.
(3) Miss Ellie enjoying some French macaroons with you for afternoon tea.
(4) Miss Ellie kissing her brother, Marcus, affectionately on the cheek when she is going to her room to retire for the evening after dinner.
(5) When you are presented with the lovely blue riding coat from Marcus Ashcroft.
(6) Mr. Ashcroft kisses your gloved hand at the Worthington's Ball.
(7) Mr. Curtis gifts you a rare book.
(8) Mr. Curtis looking at curtain samples and such with Mr. Mortimer, the Haberdasher, leaning in.
(9) Mr. Curtis kneeled in front of his first love's grave, Olivia.
(10) Mr. Curtis touching a large oak tree in the forest on one of your many walks; reminiscing about his childhood and yours.
(11) A pink rose that Mr. Curtis presents to you as he tells you that he loves you and wishes to marry you.
(12) Mr. Graham is kneeling down and plucks a yellow daffodil for you.
(13) A bouquet of wildflowers that Mr. Graham presents you when he asks you to marry him. *This is one of three options depending upon what you tell him beforehand that you would love to have as a treat: a bouquet of wildflowers; a jar of ladybirds; or a whole cake.
(14) Option 2: Mr. Graham presents a jar of ladybirds as a wedding gift.
(15) Option 3: Mr. Graham gifts you a whole cake as a wedding present.
(16) Mr. Graham is seated in your living room, reading a book while you are working on needlepoint projects. *This is one when you see his full face with the window behind him. The book color is beige.
(17) Mr. Graham is seated again in your living room reading a book. This time this is a side shot. The book color is blue.
(18) Lord Sutton stares at you intently and longingly at an Assembly Ball in town.
(19) A close up side picture of Mr. Graham after you've played a fun duet on the piano as you accompanied him on a song at Birkenbridge.
(20) Full close up shot of Mr. Graham smiling at you sweetly. This is when he asks you to marry him and you say yes!
(21) Last picture of Mr. Graham and Lord Sutton at the gardens of Birkenbridge. Their backs are turned to the protagonist. The two are talking about you.

I hope that helps! :)
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