“It has been too long since we saw him last - poor Christopher, he was always such a promising young lad.”
Mrs Norris to the protagonist in Town

Christopher is the estranged elder brother of the protagonist and is the son of Helena and the senior Christopher. The reasons for his absence are not known, but it is indicated that Christopher left when his sister was only a girl, and she has not seen him since. His current residence and marital status is unknown.

It is unclear how many people in Darlington are aware of the circumstances surrounding Christopher. Mrs Norris has made brief comment on it in the past, and it appears that members of the household staff such as Bessy are also informed, but treat the matter with due discretion.

Trivia Edit

  • Christopher resembles the character of Frederick, Margaret Hale's brother in Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South. Both characters were absent from their household for an extended period of time because of incidents that required discretion.