Mr Ashcroft is one of three major potential suitors in Regency Love. The path involves themes of familial relationships and responsibilities, as well as coming-of-age and independence for ladies of the Regency period.

Description Edit

Meeting the Ashcrofts Edit


The first meeting with Miss Ashcroft

You and Mary are out shopping for fabrics at Mr Mortimer's Haberdashery when you witness a commotion. A pale and timid girl is being verbally harassed by the owner's son for some damaged goods in his store. As you come to her aid, you learn that she is Miss Ashcroft, the younger sister of Mr Ashcroft, who makes your acquaintance at the same store a moment later.

A short time later, you are invited by Miss Ashcroft for some tea, where she shares her love of sweet treats with you. Before you depart, her older brother offers his carriage to transport you home. You accept, and thus, begin a new relationship with the Ashcroft family.


An outing with Mr and Miss Ashcroft

You continue to take tea with and enjoy outings with Miss Ashcroft, often chaperoned by her older brother, who discloses Ellie's history of illness and his fears about her future to you.

After an outing in town, you receive an unexpected gift: a beautiful and expensive riding coat. Although the gift is from Miss Ashcroft, she could not have seen you admiring the coat. You realise that it must have come at the recommendation of her brother.

Family secrets Edit

One day, as you are walking to the Ashcroft estate to dine with their family, their footman Oliver meets you with a carriage. He informs you that Miss Ashcroft must regretfully reschedule their dinner, and will return you home in their carriage. You later receive a letter of apology from Miss Ashcroft, who once again invites you to dinner. It is there you learn that the reason for the cancelation was an unconventional guest: Richard Ashcroft, the illegitimate son of Mr Ashcroft's late father, who is greatly loved by both his half-siblings.

Your mother and Mrs Norris will urge you to minimise your relations with the family, while Mary will be unfazed. You can react either in horror or in graciousness. Should you choose the former, your ties with the Ashcroft family are severed, and Mary may take an interest in Mr Ashcroft. If you choose the latter, however, you continue to grow in intimacy with the Ashcroft family, and in particular, with Mr Ashcroft. Mr Curtis may also choose to cease your relationship.


In the meadows with the Ashcroft family

One afternoon, you take a trip to the meadows with the whole Ashcroft family. You and Mr Ashcroft take a lovely ride through Thornleigh Forest to Rowan's Edge. While you are relaxing, his demeanour suddenly changes and the outing abruptly ends. You cannot account for his change in manner. Mr Ashcroft later apologies, and Ellie explains that her brother's joy in that moment reminded him of a season of his life where, following the death of his father, he lived irresponsibly and neglected to care for his younger siblings.

Richard Ashcroft's decision Edit


The Ashcroft brothers at the Worthington ball.

Mr Worthington, a close friend of family, will seek your judgement with regards to how to get to know the Ashcroft family better with the sensitive issue of their half-brother. At your encouragement, he invites them to a ball at Castoridge Court where Richard Ashcroft meets Colonel Watson.

A while later, you are at home when Oliver arrives with a carriage and a letter from Miss Ashcroft. The two brothers are in the midst of an alarming disagreement, and she begs for your assistance. Should you decline, your relationship with the Ashcrofts end; you will no longer see them any further. Should you agree to go to them, you discover that the argument stems from Richard's sudden decision to join the militia. At your appearance, Mr Ashcroft turns his anger on you for your alleged complicity, by introducing Richard to the Colonel. It appears that your relationship with the Ashcrofts is severed, and you hear nothing further from them...

...Until, you hear that Richard Ashcroft has run off, and Ellie once more begs for your assistance. You agree, learn of his whereabouts, and persuade him to either cast off his family or to reconcile with them. In both cases, you resume your relationship with the family and Mr Ashcroft later apologises for his behavior towards you.

Proposal and epilogues Edit


Ellie's coming out ball in Thornleigh Abbey

A complete, verbatim set of epilogues associated with Mr Ashcroft can be found here. (Warning: spoilers!)

Sometime later, you and Mr Ashcroft go horse-riding together. He confesses his love and admiration for you and you can choose to accept or to refuse his affections. Refusing them concludes your time with the family and accepting them brings you closer; you help Miss Ashcroft plan her coming out ball.

Epilogues vary. In happier ones, you are close with Miss Ashcroft, and Richard Ashcroft joins with miltary with his brother's blessing. In less happy conclusions, you have a distant and stilted relationship with Miss Ashcroft and Mr Ashcroft tires of you, finding companionship elsewhere.