“It’s not that he’s particularly disagreeable, but rather, his conversation is a little dull.”

Mr Thomas Digby is an acquaintance of the protagonist, and one of the potential suitors in Regency Love. He has lived alone in Darlington ever since his mother's death several years prior. Mr Digby is awkward, bumbling, and often lost for words. Much of his conversation with the protagonist revolves the weather. Despite his faults, he is also a loyal and dependable man who holds a undeviating regard for the protagonist.

Mr Digby holds a conventional view of marriage and gender roles common in the Regency Era, where women ought to marry in order to live under the protection and provision of their husbands, and gain greater stability and social standing. Should the protagonist near the end of her path still unmarried, the choice to enter into a potentially loveless marriage with Mr Digby may indicate the protagonist's acceptance of this view.

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