Mr Worthington is a friend of the protagonist's late father. He is the husband of Mrs Worthington. The couple have recently returned from an extended trip to Europe, having hastened to returned after the news of his old friend's death. They have several children, all of whom are married.

The couple reside in the stately residence of Castoridge Court, and frequently host small gatherings of intimate acquaintances through which the protagonist first meets Mr Curtis.

Mr Worthington has long been a close friend of the protagonist's family. He describes being the closest of friends with the protagonist's father, and now feels that his daughter is in his care.

Character Edit

Mr Worthington is described as a sensible man. He is gentle but authoritative in his demeanour. His advice to the protagonist to build up her skills and ensure her happiness by marrying a gentleman with the means to provide for her demonstrate his conservative view of courtship.